Gabrielle Union Stuns At Premiere

The fashion at the Think Like A Man Too premiere was absolutely gorgeous, but the show stopper was definitely Gabrielle Union.

Two piece dresses aren’t seen that often on the red carpet with good reason, it can be hard to make it look classy. But Gabrielle Union’s two-piece black dress was absolutely gorgeous and was completely classy.

This is thanks to the classic color and materials. Black is always a good color for fancy events since it looks classy on every single skin tone. The dress felt very romantic with the lace that was used and the extra lace embellishments just sealed the deal. Since her midriff was partly bared, the dress opted for a very modest scoop neckline that didn’t distract from the cheekiness of the bared midriff. While the shirt portion of this two piece dress was very loose the skirt sat tightly, emphasizing Gabrielle’s small waist and curvaceous figure in a very flattering and classy manner. The dress was short sleeved and the skirt was a midi length which felt slightly vintage in style.

There were some other great looks at the premiere as well apart from the two piece dresses. Kevin Hart was dressed in all white, a very eye-catching choice. His date Eniko chose a pink dress was so bright it popped and demanded the attention of all onlookers. She also chose to wear neon pink shoes to make the ensemble even more eye-catching. Even with the bright colors, it couldn’t compete with Gabrielle Union’s timeless class. Sorry, Eniko!

Gabrielle Union’s beautiful two-piece black dress has inspired many designers since the 2014 premiere and two piece dresses have become a lot more popular, not just on the runway and the red carpet, but also for wedding dresses and prom dresses. It goes to show that timeless design combined with one daring element is always the way to go.